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Turning your home into a Smart Home should be as simple as going to the store, loading up on all the latest smart gadgets and flipping the switch. The first gadget is easy, but as the Smart Home Professor found out, making everything work simply, reliably and cost effectively, takes more thought and planning.

This simplified book walks you through everything you need to know about how to build, automate and simplify your Smart Home.

Real Estate Professionals will find this as an excellent guide for home buyers who inherit any new Smart Home technology as part of their transaction. 



Get a Paperback version for handy reference or as a gift.

Kindle Version


Get the Kindle version as a lower cost alternative.  Because there are images, this works best on Kindle readers that support image display or any Kindle App for smartphones, tablets or Computers.

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Overview of Smart Home Topics Covered

  • Making the most of your Internet Service Provider

  • Setting up your home WiFi network for the best performance and no dead spots

  • Some setup basics for your computer and smartphone

  • Basic testing to make sure it is working right

  • A strategy for dealing with tons of passwords

  • Music

  • Photos

  • Smart Lighting

  • Thermostats

  • Fire Detection

  • Outdoor Sprinkler Systems

  • Door Locks

  • Garage Door opener

  • Window Blinds

  • Door Bells

  • Pool Equipment

  • Security Systems

  • Cameras

  • and more...

Who is the Smarthome Professor?

Stuart Hamilton spent the bulk of his high tech career unmasking the complexities of obscure new communications systems so that normal people could build something that just worked.  


Now his mission is to make it simple for anyone with no technical background to design, build and use their Smart Home, using off the shelf quality products.