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Why should a Real Estate Agent care about Smart Home?

If you are representing the seller, chances are some Smart Home products are already installed and will be left behind for the buyer.  If the seller does not correctly "unhook" themselves from those products, they would inadvertently be controlling their old Smart Home gear after moving, as pointed out in this USA Today article from February 2017.  Also, a greater understanding of the capabilities of the Smart Home products installed may help in the sale of the home.  

If you represent the buyer, they might not have any idea that they are inheriting Smart Home technology and may not know how to get it back up and functional.

How widespread is Smart Home adoption in the North America?

As of the end of 2016, some 21.8 Million homes had Smart Home technology of one kind or another.  That represents 47% year on year growth, and the forecast is over 73 Million homes representing 55% of all households by the year 2021.  Now is the time for progressive Real Estate Agents to get ahead of this trend.  See more details in this article.

To help make this a simpler and smoother process, the Smart Home Professor has created some simple downloadable forms for agents to use.

The starting point is the Smart Home checklist.  It is a one page PDF that you can download and fill in on your computer to create an inventory of all the Smart Home products that will be part of the real estate transaction.

There is a one page Quick Guide for sellers to remind them the easiest way to disconnect themselves from the Smart Home products that will be left behind.

Lastly, there is a link to the "How to Make Your Home a Smart Home" book for the buyer so that along with the inventory list, they will have all the insight they need to get everything working again.

Smart Home Checklist for Selling Agents

Sellers Smart Home Quick Guide

See the Smart Home Book on Amazon